Partnerships for change

We partner with different companies and stakeholders to deliver effective change to our schools

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Boshoek Smelter Partnership

L&T Private Tutoring has recently partnered with Glencore Boshoek smelter to deliver learner support program for Charora high school

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Last updated Aug 2019

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Glencore Merafe Resources Partnership

L&T Private Tutoring has been in partnership with Glencore Merafe Resources from 2017 to date with incredible impact and results on the sponsored school.

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Last updated Jan 2020

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Our Sponsored program

This is a summary of the program we offer to companies that seek to make a difference in the local communities of their operations. we continously engage with company management in an attempt to get them to support the program.

Sponsored Maths and Science Programs

Charora High School

L&T Private Tutoring (L&T) in partnership with Boshoek Smelter has engaged in a Maths and Science Enrichment Program at Charora high school located in Robega community. The program was implemented to the grade 9 and 10 learners with focus areas being Mathematics, Natural sciences and Physical sciences. This intervention was intended to facilitate extra tutorial classes to learners with the aim of improving their performance in the two learning areas

The program comprised of daily classes held after classes between Monday and Thursday as well as on Saturday mornings. It was also supported by constant motivational activities such as motivational speeches, career discussions and motivational videos that where shared with the learners.

Project results

The program turned out to be a success with tremendous increase in the Maths pass rate which rose from 47% in June exam to 80% in the Final exam for Grade 10 class. The average of Maths also increased from 29% to 41% in this grade. Grade 9 Maths results also had a strong positive shift from a pass rate of 10% in June exam to 60% in the Final exam. Maths average marks for grade 9 also improved massively by 46% from the June exam to the final exam


The results obtained are very remarkable considering that the program started in the third term of the year. Learners who attended the program came top of the class in Mathematics in both grade 9 and Grade 10.

Tirelong High School


In 2017, L&T Private Tutoring set out a full semester program in partnership with Glencore Merafe Resources at the Tirelong high school based in Kroondal [ one of the communities near Glencore operations]. L&T Private Tutoring was offering a tutoring program to the grade 12 learners of Tirelong high school with the hope of improving their marks in Mathematics and Physical Science subjects. The program consisted of a winter enrichment program which was conducted during the winter school holidays and daily classes which continued throughout the second semester of the year.

Project results

The program was a huge success, with the school managing to improve grade 12 Mathematics and Physical Science results from 33% pass rate and 50% pass rate respectfully for the two subjects to an impresive 100% pass rate in Physical Sciences and 86% pass rate in Mathematics in 2018. With Mathematics averages increasing from 25% to 38% and Physical Sciences increasing from 31% to 40% in 2018.

Furthermore the results improved again in the 2019 academic year with Physical Science pass rate remaining at 100% and the average percentage rising to an impressive 48% from the 38% we had in 2018. Although the Mathematics pass rate dropped to 80%, its averave mark improved from 40% to 44% in 2019. This clearly display a steady rise in the quality of results we achieve at the school. This was an incredible achievement for both the school, L&T Private Tutoring and Glencore Merafe Resources.

Current and Future operation

Seeing how the program was a success, both Glencore and Tirelong High School decided to expand the program to the grade 10 and 11 to ensure the learners are caltivated from a young age. This saw the program expanding from 8 learners in 2017 to 59 learners in 2019. The program will continue in the same manner from 2019 going forward with daily classes run after school hours, saturday classes and a winter enrichment program run during the winter holidays.

About the school

Tirelong is a small secondary school located near the farms of kroondal along the R104 road leading to Pretoria from Rustenburg. The school started operations in 2012 and had its first Maths and Science student going to University in 2019.